At Pack Expo East, DIR Technologies to Present Lecture on Defense and Aerospace Technologies for Packaging Integrity Analysis and Process Control

DIR Technologies representative, Bob Hartwig, Managing Director of BTS International, will be presenting the effects of applying high end thermal imaging as a process analytical technology for packaging at Pack Expo East.

Haifa, Israel – Bob Hartwig, North American Representative for DIR Technologies – a provider of quality and process control solutions for pharmaceutical primary packaging – will deliver a presentation at Pack Expo East on the potential of disruptive technology and the application of thermal imaging solutions for induction and heat sealing integrity assurance. The first-ever Pack Expo East will be held February 16-18 in Philadelphia.

Mr. Hartwig’s lecture at Pack Expo East, “How Leading-Edge Defense & Aerospace Technologies Can Help Ensure Package Integrity: Thermal Imaging Inspection/Detection Systems and Their Real-Time Role on High-Speed Packaging Lines,” is scheduled for Tuesday, February 17 from 11:00am-12:00 noon. The presentation will showcase the ways in which infrared science – originally developed for military defense systems – is being successfully employed by the pharmaceutical industry to ensure package sealing integrity in an entirely passive process that avoids destructive, slow and imprecise sampling methods and enables 100% in-line inspection.

DIR Technologies’ groundbreaking flagship solution, the Induction Integrity Verification System (I2VS) leverages premium thermal imaging to provide induction sealing integrity analysis for bottles at the speed of the machine through-put. Inspection is performed through the closed cap, without physical contact in an entirely non–destructive fashion.  DIR Technologies also has developed the Sachet Full Monitoring System (SFM) to provide 100% in-line inspection of sachets and pouches. The SFM is offered integrated in Mediseal systems. The DIR systems are either in use or in trials on packaging lines for several leading pharmaceutical packaging companies.

Mr. Hartwig explains: “Applying thermal imaging technology born in the defense industry for use on pharma packaging lines is true, innovative, out-of-the-box thinking. It allows sensitivity and accuracy far beyond traditional methods of inspection, opens up new possibilities and offers capabilities that were not accessible before.”

About DIR Technologies

DIR Technologies is the developer and provider of first-in-industry thermography-based inspection solutions for pharmaceutical primary packaging quality assurance and process control. DIR solutions offer a quantum leap from commonly used methods of sampling by providing 100% in-line, non-intrusive inspection that does not result in production slowdown. DIR Technologies is leading the way in the use of thermal imaging in the pharmaceutical industry for PAT applications and has filed several patents on the subject.

The company was established in 2009 and is jointly owned by major Israeli defense companies Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, LTD ( and Elbit Systems (, and Israeli-American fund SCP Vitalife (  DIR Technologies is a spin-off of SCD – SemiConductor Devices (, one of the largest manufacturers of advanced Infrared sensors worldwide.