DIR Technologies Adds Two Pharmaceutical Industry Veterans to Executive Advisory Board

Appointments Coincide with Introduction of Non-Contact 100% Inspection Technique, an Alternative to Destructive Seal Integrity Testing Across a Number of Packaging Formats

Haifa, Israel – DIR Technologies, a provider of premium packaging inspection and product authentication solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, has added two industry veterans to its Advisory Board. Dr. Michael Berelowitz, whose four-decade career in biomedical sciences includes a broad range of senior-level positions at Pfizer as well as in academia, and Ms. Susan Morris, a career pharmaceutical executive whose decades-long tenure with Merck & Co. saw her rise to Senior Vice President Global Human Health Operations, have been appointed as the Advisory Board’s newest members.

For DIR Technologies, the additions of Dr. Berelowitz and Ms. Morris come at a promising time. The company recently became among the first to utilize Thermal Imaging – an infrared imaging science that translates product and material properties’ data into images called thermograms – in package inspection equipment. Thermal Imaging makes it possible to examine environments that normally cannot be seen, such as those covered with plastic caps or other non-translucent plastics, without physical contact or visible illumination. The result is 100 percent inspection that can potentially replace destructive seal integrity testing across a number of packaging operations, increasing line speed and evaluation accuracy while reducing overall inspection costs.

Dr. Michael Berelowitz, MB.ChB, FCP(SA), FACP

Dr. Michael Berelowitz’s 40-year career in biomedical sciences has included clinical medical practice, basic and clinical research and education, as well as senior-level positions in team leadership, administration and budget management. Following two decades in academic medicine at such highly regarded institutions as the University of Chicago’s Michael Reese Hospital and SUNY’s StonyBrook School of Medicine, Dr. Berelowitz joined Pfizer in 1996.

At Pfizer, his 15-year tenure included divisional leadership positions in various practices, such as diabetes, cardiovascular, and global medical organization. He concluded his time with Pfizer after serving as Senior Vice President and Head of Clinical Development and Medical Affairs for the company’s Specialty Care Business Unit.

Through the years, Dr. Berelowitz has chaired the Task Force on Research of the New York State Council on Diabetes, sat on the Boards of Directors of the American Diabetes Association and the Endocrine Society’s Clinical Initiatives Committee, and served on the editorial boards of industry trade publications including The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Clinical Diabetes.

Ms. Susan Morris (formerly of Merck & Co.)

Ms. Susan Morris enjoyed a lengthy and diverse career with Merck & Co., where she accrued extensive pharmaceutical and vaccine supply chain experience spanning quality, manufacturing, planning, strategy and optimization. Along the way, she built a proven record of success leading large complex organizations, overseeing transformational optimizations, implementing forward-thinking change, and consistently driving positive business results.

Ms. Morris’ impressive career at Merck & Co., focused in leading manufacturing and packaging plants throughout the world, culminated with her appointment as Senior Vice President Global Human Health Operations. In this position, she oversaw the design and implementation of global, integrated sales and operations planning processes for six major products across four divisions and 11 markets. Additionally, Ms. Morris served as Chief of Staff for the CEO of Merck and Co., Inc., where she had the opportunity to experience the corporation’s full scope.

About DIR Technologies

DIR Technologies is an innovative company that brings new solutions to the world of Pharmaceutical Product authentication, manufacturing and packaging process control. Based on advanced thermal imaging methods, DIR Technologies has developed a variety of noncontact applications, such as rigorous quality assurance techniques for the fabrication process and packaging of the pharmaceutical industry.

In addition to the thermal imaging capabilities, DIR Technologies is specializing in Image Processing, Machine vision and real-time data processing. DIR Technologies is leading the way in the use of Thermal Imaging in the pharmaceutical industry for PAT applications and has filed several patents on the subject.

The company was established in 2009 and is jointly owned by major Israeli defense companies Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, LTD (www.rafael.co.il) and Elbit Systems (www.elbitsystems.com), and Israeli-American fund SCP Vitalife (www.scpvitalife.com).

DIR Technologies is a spin-off of SCD – SemiConductor Devices (www.scd.co.il), one of the largest manufacturers of advanced Infrared sensors worldwide. Most of DIR’s management team and many of its employees worked in key positions at SCD for several years. They brought to DIR an accumulated experience and know-how in Infrared technology that provided the company a solid and unique technological basis.