Heat Sealing Inspection

What is it?

The DIR Eye is the first 100% in-line inspection system for heat sealed packages that is non-intrusive and does not result in production slowdown.

A quantum leap from sampling to monitoring every single package – the system’s real time analysis provides insight in to the quality of the sealing process, enabling operators to detect and immediately amend issues should



How does it work?

The DIR Eye combines thermal imaging technology with sophisticated analysis algorithms to provide real time integrity monitoring of every single package or container on the packaging line – at the speed of the machine throughput.

Inspection is “hands off”, non-invasive and non-destructive. Nothing is projected at the product; the DIR Eye reads and analyzes the inherent heat signature of the seal (which is amplified directly after the sealing process).

The DIR Eye is compatible with different package sizes and types and can be easily integrated in to almost any packaging line.